Welcome to My Selfie Media .com

Hello and a welcome to our website and our business called, myselfiemedia.com (MSM). The home of the mirror photo booth.

Be ‘selfied’ in high definition with our host of styles, props and backdrops, while we capture all the fun with amazing photos and social media integration to help you remember that special day.

My ‘selfie’ media.com photo company has an extensive range, of event management experience, and we want to give your wedding, party or corporate event that extra special attention that your day/evening deserves.

Magic Mirror Photo booth, Availability

Please see the calendar for availability.

To book, please call 07825 706061 or email: info@myselfiemedia.com

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“My Selfiemedia.com”

 Please ask for our Christmas and New Year packages and our competitive rates for 2019


Contact: info@myselfiemedia.com

What is a mirror photo booth?

What is my ‘selfie’ mirror, (MSM) exactly?

Well, simply on reflection, it’s a full length mirror for you and your guests to look at how wonderful you all look.

But that’s not all, it’s not just a large full length mirror, oh no! it’s a very smart mirror, a clever unique mirror that talks to you, makes a little fun of you, interacts with you, offering a touch screen facility of colourful animations and voice guidance, and apart from all that, the ‘selfie’ mirror takes high quality pictures of you and your friends on your very special occasion


Social Media Compatible

Share the exciting experience in real-time photo.

The selfie mirror pictures can be on most social media profiles. Snap Snap Send.

All your friends can see what fun you’re having.

Personal and professionally presented prints to take away.

The quality pictures are printed out within seconds, on the popular standard size of 6×4, they can be any combination of just the 1 pic, or 3 fun pic’s and a personal message or a logo or emoji, or 4 pic’s on the 6×4 print, it’s your choice.

My selfie mirror is at your service, and you may have as many pictures as you like, leaving a lasting impression on your happy event.

So, why choose my selfie mirror ?

It’s a totally new concept idea in the photo booth industry that your guests are unlikely to have experienced before, making your event even more unique.

The mirror screen shows your guests in real time (no delays) interacting with just that, the mirror .

Touch screen interface technology gives your guests as much or as little input as they want, catering for all ages.

No previous experience required